The cycle race was added to the list of events in 1998 as an additional event for visiting athletes to compete in and a chance for the Cook Island residents to get some international competition.

The course record is 42:16, set in 2002 by Australian Ironman Luke Bell.  Bell was unable to complete the triathlon that year due to an injury but his cycle split in the Tour de Raro has since been unbeatable.

It is a one lap clockwise circumnavigation of Rarotonga’s coastal road (31.2km), starting and ending in Avarua (town centre) on the Tuesday afternoon.

Drafting is permitted. Since many riders will have triathlon style bikes, the rules in this race are that you must not use your profile bars unless you are leading. This is for safety reasons.

While a few will 'go hard' many of the riders will treat this as more of a social ride. So if you are not confident pack rider then just take it easy and just enjoy the views!

Please Contact us in advance if you wish to enter this event if you are not competing in the Triathlon so we can set up your registration ahead of time and have a timing chip for you.

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